All About Libby Lu Jenkins…and…Ginger, too!

March 3, 2011 Daphne Macie

Libby Lu, so lonely as the only canine member of the family, was instrumental in choosing her adopted canine sister, Ginger . 

Ginger’s 1st family brought her from Syracuse to our house to meet and greet Libby Lu and test the waters during the latter part of summer 2010. It was love at first sight for everyone involved.  Both girls ran around the yard (fenced in, of course) until they dropped.  Both families laughed at their antics and were thrilled that Gingie felt so much at ease at our homestead.  Ginger melted our hearts and we’re so happy to have had her join our family.  It was a little touch and go developing her relationship with Tuxedo our cat (who outweighs the dog by 1 lb) but surprisingly within a week the three of them were napping together.  (I have to admit, against the advice of an animal behaviour specialist, we had to chase her around with the squirt gun during that period but all ended well.)  Libby, a 22 lb Puggle (Pug + Beagle) and Gingie, a 13 lb Jug (Jack Russell Terrier + Pug) share January 2009 as their birth month.  No more vegetating alone on the couch for Libby.  Both dogs play hard and rest hard together. 

I believe that the ‘love at first sight’ relationship between the two dogs as well as the open affection we displayed for Ginger made it a little easier for Ginger’s 1st family to acknowledge us as acceptable adoptive doggie parents.   I consider this to be a successful open ‘canine’ adoption as I will continue to provide Gingie’s 1st family with electronical doggie updates and photos of her continued growth in the future.


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