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Busy, busy, busy best describes me.  Running mom & dad around town on shopping excursions for groceries and/or meds but mostly honoring their doctor appointments  (they’re at the age they shouldn’t be driving but sometimes sneak out unnoticed).  Play dates and overnight visits manage to get scheduled for the seven grand kids (4 boys; 3 girls).  Young dog (1-year old puggle) requires one-on-one time, too (oh, yeah, mustn’t forget the senior cat)!  In the meantime, my brain is beginning to think about what I will plant in my spring vegetable garden and what needs to be replenished in my root cellar.  Farmer Jerry (husband) tills the land and worries about the nutrients and tools we use to prepare the garden and at the end of the season he harvests as I request.  We share garden maintenance like thinning, weeding and fending off the deer (got a good tip for that).  Sometimes I recruit him to help in the prep process or preserving depending how busy I am with whatever is keeping me busy at that time (it could be just washing a few loads of wash – and doing my favorite – hanging them out to dry).  After retiring from a 24-year career in 2004 I look back and wonder how I ever fit all of this in my schedule.  Oh, yeah, I can’t forget to include sewing as one of my favorite after dark things to do.  Are you tired yet?


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