Tips for Handling Telemarketers

Three Little Words That Work!!

The three little words are: ‘Hold On, Please…’
Saying this, while putting down your phone and walking off (instead of hanging-up immediately) would make each telemarketing call so much more time-consuming that boiler room sales would grind to a halt.

Then when you eventually hear the phone company’s ‘beep-beep-beep’ tone, you know it’s time to go back and hang up your handset, which has efficiently completed its task. These three little words will help eliminate telephone soliciting.

Do you ever get those annoying phone calls with no one on the other end? This is a telemarketing technique where a machine makes phone calls and records the time of day when a person answers the phone.  This technique is used to determine the best time of day for a ‘real’ sales person to call back and get someone at home.

What you can do after answering, if you notice there is no one there, is to immediately start hitting your # button on the phone, 6 or 7 times as quickly as possible. This confuses the machine that dialed the call, and it kicks your number out of their system. Gosh, what a shame not to have your name in their system any longer!!!

 For the real deal:  Do-it-yourself: Stop junk mail, email and phone calls


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Tips for Handling Junk Mail

junk mail

junk mail

When you get ‘ads’ enclosed with your phone or utility bill, return these ‘ads’ with your payment. Let the sending companies throw their own junk mail away.

When you get those ‘pre-approved’ letters in the mail for everything from credit cards to 2nd mortgages and similar type junk, do not throw away the return envelope.

Most of these come with postage-paid return envelopes, right? It costs them more than the regular 44 cents postage, ‘IF’ and when they receive them back.

It costs them nothing if you throw them away! The postage was around 50 cents before the last increase and it is according to the weight. In that case, why not get rid of some of your other junk mail and put it in these cool little, postage-paid return envelopes.

One of Andy Rooney ‘s (60 minutes) ideas:

Send an ad for your local chimney cleaner to American Express. Send a pizza coupon to Citibank. If you didn’t get anything else that day, then just send them their blank application back! If you want to remain anonymous, just make sure your name isn’t on anything you send them.

You can even send the envelope back empty if you want to just to keep them guessing! It still costs them 44 cents.

The banks and credit card companies are currently getting a lot of their own junk back in the mail, but folks, we need to OVERWHELM them. Let’s let them know what it’s like to get lots of junk mail, and best of all they’re paying for it…Twice!

Let’s help keep our postal service busy since they are saying that e-mail is cutting into their business profits, and that’s why they need to increase postage costs again. You get the idea!

Don’t you just love Andy Rooney.

For the real dealDo-it-yourselfStop junk mail, email and phone calls

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Today I thought you might want to watch the new

“Babies” Movie Trailer.

It’s quite cute.

If it should cut out somewhere in the middle, sit tight and it should restart (at least it did for me).


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Documented Snow on Mother’s Day 2010

Snow on froggie on Mother's Day 2010

Froggie is chilling in the snow on Mother's Day 2010

Beautiful, yes.  Necessary, no.  It’s been reported that the last time it snowed locally (Syracuse and surrounding areas) on Mother’s Day was in 1996.  Does anyone remember this?  This is why we’re always advised not to plant our garden until after May 31st, specifically to avoid a late frost.  I’ve consulted with the locals in Jamesville, LaFayette and Otisco and they also awoke to a beautiful snowy morning.  I wonder what my transplanted friends in Puerto Rico and Aruba think of this?

Snow on vehicles Mother's Day 2010I’m assuming the snow will melt from our vehicles in time to go to dinner at Mom’s this afternoon.  If not, I’ll have to look around for the snow brush that I guess I put away prematurely.

Snow covers the lilac bush on Mother's Day 2010The lilac bush took a beating.  It just started to bloom, and I was hoping I could pick a fresh bouquet today to freshen up the indoors.  Unfortunately the snow continues to come down so I’ll have to wait until…. maybe next week?

Snow on summer fun on Mother's Day 2010Temporarily, summer fun has been put on hold.  We’ll have to make up for it at a later date.  I still have raking to do, limbs to put to the curb, a garden to plant, new perennials to plant, etc.  I don’t have time for this nonsense!  No Bar-B-Q today..but no shoveling either.

But, you have to admit, it sure is a beautiful sight.

Snow in driveway on Mother's Day 2010

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This is Happening Right Here in Our Own Country!

Angry BullTHIS IS HAPPENING RIGHT HERE IN OUR OWN COUNTRY!        We Must Stop This Immediately !

Have you noticed that stairs are getting steeper. Groceries are heavier. And, everything is farther away. Yesterday I walked to the corner and I was dumbfounded to discover how long our street had become! And, you know, people are less considerate now, especially the young ones. They speak in whispers all the time! If you ask them to speak up they just keep repeating themselves, endlessly mouthing the same silent message until they’re red in the face! What do they think I am a lip reader? I also think they are much younger than I was at the same age. On the other hand, people my own age are so much older than I am. I ran into an old friend the other day and she has aged so much that she didn’t even recognize me. I got to thinking about the poor dear while I was combing my hair this morning – even mirrors are not made the way they used to be! Another thing, everyone drives so fast these days! You’re risking life and limb if you happen to pull onto the freeway in front of them. All I can say is, their brakes must wear out awfully fast, the way I see them screech and swerve in my rear view mirror. Clothing manufacturers are less civilized these days. Why else would they suddenly start labeling a size 10 or 12 dress as 18 or 20? Do they think no one notices? The people who make bathroom scales are pulling the same prank. Do they think I actually ‘believe’ the number I see on that dial? HA! I would never let myself weigh that much! Just who do these people think they’re fooling? I’d like to call up someone in authority to report what’s going on — but the telephone company is in on the conspiracy too: they’ve printed the phone books in such small type that no one could ever find a number in there! All I can do is pass along this warning: WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!, and in doing so, I glanced at my own reflection. Well, REALLY NOW –

Unless something drastic happens, pretty soon everyone will have to suffer these awful indignities. PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE SO WE CAN GET THIS CONSPIRACY STOPPED! PS: I am sending this to you in a larger font size, because something has happened to my computer’s fonts – they are smaller than they once were.


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Spring Compost

Throughout the winter I faithfully continued to feed my composter.  It produced a good quantity of compost which I was looking forward to mixing into the soil in and around the rhubarb patch.  Unfortunately the leaves of the rhubarb grew too large too fast and I wasn’t able to work the soil around them.  Following ‘Plan B’ I shoveled the entire contents into my little green wagon and dumped it into our ‘garden-to-be’ for soil enrichment along with a hefty raking of leftover winter leaves.

Winter Compost Results

 The little white spots in the compost are egg shells; apparently I didn’t break them up small enough to decompose.  The composter has since been fed a continuous good diet of coffee grounds, watermelon rinds, wintered-over leaves, banana peels, veggie peels, etc.; a good start for another productive year.

I thought it was great that my six-year-old G-daughter Sarah, who just happened to be spending the day with me, was excited to help me transfer the contents of the composter into the wagon.  For sure she’s walking in her G-Ma’s shoes.  Unfortunately, she thought there was an odor to the process and preferred to play on the swings.  She’s still very young but I’m sure my process of composting will leave a lasting impression with her – I hope.

G-Daughter Sarah & Compost

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YIKES! It’s Windy in LaFayette

This Spring we contracted the Solvay Glass Co. to install a new, very large, energy-efficient and very expensive Anderson picture window in our dining room to replace the 40-year-old inefficient one that was installed when the house was originally built.  Each and every employee we interacted with at Solvay Glass was friendly and professional.  The process of removing the old window and replacing it with the new one went smoothly without a hitch.  I would consider them again in the future if need be.  Today was almost the day.

The winds in my neighborhood were out of control today.  They picked up my closed patio umbrella and carried it over a 16 ft section of our house where it landed dangerously close to this beautiful window.  It’s actually quite remarkable the way it landed on the house and not through the window.  These pictures are going to amaze you!  One picture was taken from inside and two were from outside.  I might add it was a little tricky getting the umbrella down; not sure yet if it’s salvageable!

Flying Umbrella 1

Flying Umbrella2Flying Umbrella 3

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Libby Lu – Prima Dona

Libby Lu on Pillow 1

For the past 16 years I have owned very large dogs…like 96 lbs – 116 lbs.  Because of their size they were never allowed to hang out on the furniture.  They were OK with laying on the floor next to our feet while we sat on the furniture.  Now the bed was another story.  We made the mistake of sharing our double bed with our little itty bitty 7 week old Doberman puppy.  Not too much of a problem because as she got older and larger she began sleeping at the foot of the bed in a sort of protective mode.  Less than a week after the death of our doby we adopted a Rottweiler puppy who grew up into this monstrous mass of muscle.  She didn’t like sleeping at the foot of the bed and sometimes she would squeeze part of her body between her mom and dad while they were sleeping.  No problem – we shall overcome!  We went out and bought a queen size bed to accommodate the whole family which also included the cat.  Then the roti developed physical limitations so as good parents we removed the bed frame and slept with the box spring and mattress on the floor to make it easier for her to get in and out of bed.  Now we have this little pistol of a pup who thinks our bed is her bed.  I think it all began after we provided her with her very own bed pillow and her own blanket so she wouldn’t hog ours.  (Now you’re probably thinking I’m an enabler but I had to do this because I just couldn’t stand it when she wanted to sleep under our blankets.)  We deal with it, that’s all I can say.  But, not only is the bed hers, the recliner is hers, the couch is hers, the chair is hers.  I’m adapting – slowly but surely.  What can I say – I’m just not used to dog hair on my clothes and furniture, stolen dog kisses on my lips, having a dog in my face while I’m eating my snacks and having to share them (one pretzel for me, one pretzel for you) or constant dog cuddling on my lap (sometimes shutting off the circulation in my legs –  it happens as you get older).  Did I mention the couch pillows are hers, too?  The couch cushions obviously aren’t soft enough for her so she has to push, shove and dig the couch pillow to position it just right in order to make a nice comfy spot.  Ouch!  Big dog or little dog?  The verdict is still out!  Would I ever abandon or trade Libby Lu for another dog?  NO – NEVER.  Would I ever consider adding another big dog as a family member?  You never know!  P.S.  Be very careful which pillow you lay your head on at my house.

 Libby Lu on Pillow

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One Bedroom Apartment Available in Tully

Apartment for Rent Sign
in village of Tully, NY


Does anybody know anyone interested in a one bedroom apartment available for rent in the village of Tully?  If so, please refer them to the following ad listed on Craigslist:




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Movie Filming in Syracuse

Movie CameraAccording to an article published in the Scotsman Pennysaver actor John Malkovich and his production company will arrive in Syracuse this summer and spend six to eight weeks at work on the film “Hotel Syracuse,” which will be shot in the 1930’s hotel currently undergoing renovation in downtown Syracuse (500 S. Warren St.).  Extras for the film will be recruited from the Syracuse community.  If you’re interested in getting into the film industry and/or making a few extra bucks, go to the website  Good luck!

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